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Hard Times 

Finding and Keeping Employment in Hard Times

Once it was your market, now it is theirs: employers can pick and choose.
Now more than ever you’ll need clear focus and a winning edge

If you’re looking for work you need to be prepared, practiced and punchy.

If you are in work and want to stay that way, you need to pay attention to your value to the organisation and ensure you get recognition.

Know your product. You are what you are promoting. Know your strengths, skills and values. Just as importantly, know your weaknesses and how you manage them.

Know your audience. Know who you are talking to, what they want to hear, what will attract attention and impress.

Know your pitch. Know what you are offering, your value proposition. How you’ll put your message across. How you’ll field the difficult questions in a strong and confident manner.

More than ever this is a time for career coaching, preparation and practice to meet the challenges and beat the opposition.
Fresh Perspectives
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Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton

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