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Employee Assistance Programs EAP

Fresh Perspectives works with Companies to:

  • Assist optimum performance of the individual
  • Avoid termination through remedial poor performance
  • Develop self management
  • Build relationship and communication skills in the workplace
  • Provide support and strategies for the processing of personal issues

By providing counselling services to employees of organisations covering work-related issues and/or personal problems affecting or likely to affect performance, e.g. relationships, parenting issues, addictions, sexuality, stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, financial management, work/life balance, and other health issues.

Services cover:

  • Diagnosing the employee's need
  • Counselling or coaching the employee, including crisis management where necessary
  • Recommending appropriate strategies, actions and programs
  • Referral to appropriate specialists as necessary



Tony Wright
Tony Wright

For appointments
please phone
Rooms: 02 9328 1379
Tony: 0417 447 242
Susan: 0424 426 110

Susan is a Medibank Private Provider

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