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Couples Therapy

If you’d describe your relationship as unhappy today, then take heart from some recent research. This tells us that, if you stay together and/or do some high quality therapeutic work, in there’s an encouraging finding. In five years time, studies show, you’re most likely describe that same relationship as “pretty happy”, “good”, “stable”.

It’s worth working for and it’s worth finding a therapist with specialist training, a high level of skills and the ability to provide you with a safe space in which to develop new perspectives on what’s happening and how you’re involved in outcomes you don’t want.

Working with Susan or Tony and Fresh Perspectives you’ll discover how to:

  • Stop blaming, inflaming and prolonging conflict
  • Become proficient at analysing and understanding your relationship and its patterns
  • Recognise and change your own contribution when things aren’t working
  • Upgrade your emotional intelligence – contain and express your feelings in ways that enhance intimacy
  • Listen, empathise and understand your partner’s perspective
  • Become clearer and more assertive about your own experience and needs
  • “Hang on to yourself”, “self soothe” when the heat’s on
  • Brush up your conflict resolving and negotiation skills
  • Set the scene for more mutual respect, co-operation and team work

HOWEVER... If you’re despairing because your relationship’s in trouble and your partner:

  • Won’t acknowledge there’s anything wrong
  • Believes the problems are all your fault
  • States categorically that couples’ therapy “isn’t on”
  • Has attended one or two sessions with you and won’t go back

...there’s hope —    Fresh Perspectives has developed an innovative approach:
Couples Therapy for One



Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton

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