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Counselling and Psychotherapy

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.     Soren Kierkegaard 

What is counselling?

Counselling is a widely accepted and increasingly used resource.  It’s a professional, caring and collaborative process in which you work with professionals to find new ways of processing

  • Counselling & PsychotherapyAnxiety and depression
  • Relationships
  • Separation, divorce, marital difficulties
  • low self worth
  • conflict
  • relationships
  • parenting
  • managing and expressing emotions –
    emotional IQ
  • grief and loss, retrenchmant
  • harassment, abuse and trauma
  • addictions and phobias
  • effective communication
    with family, friends, colleagues

The respectful, exploratory, solutions-oriented process that is counselling is effective with them all.

Psychologist and writer Dorothy Rowe, voted one of the top 100 living thinkers in the world today, argues that most of us experience depression at some time, but that it is usually transient, depression is a stage to go through.  

What is psychotherapy? How is it different from counselling?

Psychotherapy is deeper, longer-term work to resolve longstanding issues.  It ensures that change is more than skin deep, that we can call on different ways of thinking, acting and processing feelings.  Psychotherapy discovers, reveals and uses the deeper emotional drivers that have us repeating situations and relationships we simply don’t want any more.  It changes family patterns of handling relationships, anxiety and stress.

It sometimes happens that our clients come for counselling, are moved and delighted by the changes that begin to occur, appreciate the benefits of teamwork and choose to remain in therapy until they’re changed from the inside.

How long will it take?

“How long is a piece of string?” Everyone’s different. At Fresh Perspectives we hold two things in tension. One is that long term problems don’t dissipate in an instant. Depending on the type and duration of what you bring to us, therapy takes a shorter or longer time. (Remember you’re always in the driver’s seat.)

In our experience, successful outcomes and lasting benefits usually require months rather than weeks of collaborative work.  The second is that, like parents whose job is to raise children who can fly the nest, an ethical and effective therapist wants nothing more than the autonomy and independence of the client.  That is, to do a good job, we have to make ourselves redundant!

And we do…

When you realise your true beauty you will be the ideal of yourself.     Rumi



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Susan Hamilton

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