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Stories from the Clinic

Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win.     Bernadette Devlin


Phil spent 14 years in insurance. He never meant to, it just came along when he needed a job, his father was encouraging, so he took it.  Secure, sensible, steady and safe work.

Then a company restructure took Phil’s job away.  As Tony and Phil talked, Phil seemed most excited when he described his passion for 4-wheel driving.  Could this possibly be part of a new job? He examined setting up a 4wd touring business: it seemed like a big risk and his father was really hostile.

But Phil now really wanted change.  He’d found a fresh perspective. He went exploring. He sent an email about what happened…

After we finished working together, I saw a job advertised for a CEO in a community Community Government Council on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf or Carpentaria and decided I should throw my hat in the ring. In any event I was offered the job and here I am! Yes this is not exactly driving 4wd's for a living but it is pretty close.

The fishing is excellent, the 4wding is challenging and the scenery is beautiful. Living on a tropical island really is paradise.

Thank you for giving me the courage to change.


Denise was in her late twenties.  She’d wanted to be a doctor but thought she wasn’t smart enough.  She became a laboratory technician instead. She enjoyed the precision work but hated the isolation.

As she and Tony worked together, Denise acknowledged she was smart enough to explore more satisfying career options.  Dentistry, with its call for precision and one-on-one care really appealed.  Denise took the plunge, applied for and was accepted into dentistry.  A fresh perspective on her own potential had helped her find what she really wanted.


A middle manager who’d been with his company for 30 years, Gary believed he had done a good job.  He had expected to retire in a few years but was suddenly retrenched.  Although he didn’t really enjoy the work any more, Gary initially felt (like most people do under such circumstances) that he had to find the same kind of work.

However, Gary’s hobby – and true passion - was photography.  His daughter was a competitive sportswoman and he spent much of his spare time photographing her events.  He began photographing other competitors and to sell a few prints.  At first, Gary believed that it was neither ‘right’ nor possible to make a living out of a hobby.  But eventually acknowledged that this mindset was holding him back.

A year later, Gary was appointed as the official photographer for an international sporting event.  He wrote:

I guess I'm only limited by my own enthusiasm, I love the photo work and I'll ride it for what it's worth.


Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like hell.     Ella Williams


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