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Susan Hamilton

BA (Hons) Dip.Ed, Grad.Dip.Couns.

Choosing Susan

Susanís a past president of the Counsellors And Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales, (you can find her on and a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federationís Register of Senior Practitioners (see

Susanís been in private practice for a busy 12 years.  That the warmth and strength of the client/therapist relationship is the major factor in successful outcomes in therapy is well documented.  Forming such relationships is Susanís special strength. She enjoys collaborating with you to liberate enthusiasm and energy from anxiety and depression, and to find healing and meaning in lifeís transitions and challenges.

Choosing Susan guarantees you

  • An intelligent and collaborative process
  • Fresh perspectives where you thought there were none
  • Effective, experienced and ethical attention
  • Access to new understandings, knowledge, strategies, and skills
  • Support, encouragement and celebration as you translate these into action

Choosing Susan from a Clientís Perspective

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.     John Muir

In Susan I found a therapist who understood me and the issues I faced, who respected and had faith in me when I didnít trust myself.  I felt I could tell Susan anything, no matter how awful.  She helped me unravel my thoughts and feelings by sitting with me while I sorted out the tangled mess.  She alerted me to the effects of pulling on one thread so I could decide which threads to pull and which to leave 'til later.  She encouraged me when I despaired, thinking I wasnít any closer to untangling the knot.  Then, when I did untangle parts of the knot, Susan helped me to celebrate my achievement.

Therapy with Susan was the best investment in time and money I have ever made in myself both personally and professionally.

Training and Education Manager, 33

Successful change has been effected by the many people (aged between 14 and 85) whoíve come to Susan challenged by

  • Relating to others
  • Loss of functioning at work and at home
  • Mid life Ė Iím thirty-five (etc) and itís not supposed to be like this!
  • Family issues (mother/daughter; father/son; parenting; blended families/separation and divorce); empty nest
  • Eating disorders and other ways of regulating anxiety that donít work in the long run
  • Challenges of personal and sexual identity Ė who am I?    
  • Low self esteem and anxiety, depression and lack of direction
  • Coping with terminal illness, losing someone close or something important 
  • Loneliness and the despair of not finding a partner



Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton

For Appointments
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Rooms: 02 9328 1379
Susan: 0424 426 110
Tony: 0417 447 242

Susan is a Medibank Private Provider

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Edgecliff NSW 2027

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