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Welcome to  Fresh Perspectives...

The real voyage of exploration lies not in the discovery of new lands, but a new pair of eyes.     Marcel Proust

At Fresh Perspectives we believe that life is for living.

When you want to be more satisfied in your relationship, work environment, with your drug usage, career progress or depressed feelings... our couples counselling, addictions counselling, career clinic, coaching and depression programs are there to help.

When you feel down (and we all do sometimes) our counselling and psychotherapy  offers the professional support that suits you. Follow the links below for more information

Couples counselling
Career clinic


When you are facing one of life's transitions, we will help you be ready for the change.

Get back on your feet and feeling good about —

  • Relationships and family (see Couples- a Fresh Perspective)
  • Workplace challenges
  • Important life changes
    • Commitment to another
    • Parenting
    • Separation and divorce
    • Entering or leaving the workforce

Improve your life skills with coaching to —

  • Enhance your interpersonal relationships
  • Be more resilient in times of depression, anxiety and stress
  • Move on from retrenchment, grief and loss
  • Overcome addictions

Take a look at our programs, our Awareness, Acceptance, Action model
or call us today on 02 9328 1379

Fresh Perspectives are achieved through the three A’s – Awareness, Acceptance, Action.

Awareness is the first step Acceptance Action
What are my habitual thoughts feelings and behaviours?

Am I acting out of fear, conditioned response or my authentic self?

How do I co-create the situations in which I find myself?
What works for me and others? 
What doesn’t?

Where do I have influence?

What can I control?

What can I let go?
For  things to change I must change.

Practice new behaviours based on fresh awareness.

Plan strategies to manage difficult situations.







Fresh Perspectives
  take you in a new direction, helping you to let go of the past and embrace the future with hope and vigour.  Without our knowing, much from our past drives our current behaviour.

What to do when reality dictates that different behaviours would be more effective right now?  Change your behaviour?  Easier said than done!

First there’s a need to recognise current behaviour (Awareness) and what triggers it.  Before we can change we need to know what we do and how we react.

Our first reaction to observing ourselves is often self critical "I shouldn’t do that",  followed by an intense desire to stop.  Our resistance reinforces our "bad" behaviours and they persist.  Understanding that we react out of our past experiences and doing the best we can,  (Acceptance) leads to understanding.

This opens the door to change. We can now identify and implement new strategies (Action). Changed behaviours guarantee better outcomes.

Fresh Perspectives emerge through:


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